Ongoing Offerings

Shambhala Gainesville offers a rich array of weekly ongoing offerings free to the public. No prior meditation experience required to attend. Most programs offer meditation instruction upon request. All are welcome.



Tuesday from 7 pm to 9:00 pm.   Join us for meditation practice followed by a book discussion or a special practice.  We are currently reading When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron. You do not have to own the book as we share the text. On the Tuesday closest to the full moon, we practice the Shambhala Sadhana instead of the book discussion.  This liturgy emphasizes the basic goodness of everyone and of society. Link here: Passcode is 106090.

Sunday from 10:30am to 12:30pm. (Online) Join us online for meditation and book discussion.  We are currently reading Reflections on Silver River by Ken McLeod.  You do not have to own the book as we screen share the text.  Beginners are encouraged and welcome to come for instruction at 9:30 am.  Link here: passcode is 083811

Every Tuesday (new time) 5:00-6:00 pm
Heart of Recovery is open to anyone who is interested in exploring how the path of meditation and the path of recovery intersect.
All are welcome who are working with recovery from addiction to substances and behaviors as well as those whose lives have been impacted by addictive and compulsive behaviors.
No meditation experience is necessary.  Newcomers will learn basic meditation techniques to enhance their own recovery program.  Experienced meditators will deepen their current practice while adding support to the group. The meeting format includes meditation, readings/or topic and group discussion bringing together Shambhala Buddhist meditation practice with the Twelve Steps.
The meeting is open to:
• Buddhist practitioners from any tradition
• 12 Step practitioners from any program
• Individuals interested in exploring the relationship of meditation to recovery from addiction, addictive and   compulsive behaviors
For zoom link click here.  For more information email: [email protected]



1st and 3rd Wednesdays 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

You are welcome to join us in this true community of acceptance, as we support each other’s journeys to full embodiment. There will be meditation, followed by book study/discussion.  Newcomers, please plan to arrive at 6:45 pm.

For zoom link and more information you may contact: Amber Paxton:  [email protected] or 352-514-6303.


1st and 3rd Saturdays  10:30 – 11:30 am

You are invited to a space where racial minorities of all backgrounds can explore the healing benefits of meditation.  Newcomers, please sign-in at 10:00 a.m.  For zoom link, please email:  [email protected]


Book study group that meets once a month, usually on a Sunday evening.  For information, please email:  [email protected]




Wednesday  6:00-7:30 pm –   Explore bringing awareness within using gentle yoga stretches that unite the mind, body and breath.  Learn to relax tight muscles and release tension. Please bring a yoga mat. Everyone  — including newcomers — welcome. This class meets in the meditation hall at the front of the building — enter through the door facing 23rd Ave Teacher is Kim Heiss.  Fee is $10.


About once a month,  we come together for “Dharma Movie Night” which includes a film, discussion and refreshments (please bring goodie and/or drink to share).


When you join a ZOOM practice session, please close all other programs on your computer and maximize the video to full screen.  You may use the prompt in the upper right corner of your screen to toggle between two views.  “Speaker view” shows whoever is talking full screen.  “Gallery view” shows little Hollywood-square type boxes. (NOTE:  speaker view and gallery view are invitational prompts, not descriptions of what you’re seeing.)

Please “mute” unless you are the speaker.  Because of the way ZOOM is designed, there can be only one speaker at a time, even during chants. (NOTE:  If you do not mute yourself, the host may mute you).

During silent sitting sessions, please find a quiet location and sit on your meditation chair or a cushion.  Close your other electronic devices.  Give yourself the gift of this time to practice without distraction.  Please be respectful of your fellow sangha members.  It can be challenging to practice together online.   Please keep your backgrounds simple and limit your movements while on camera.

Find how to get to our Shambhala Centre here.