Death & Dying Forum (ONLINE)

with Nora Wiser

August 19th

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    Our intent in talking about death is not to be morbid, but to raise awareness of our own understanding and fears about death and dying.  Are we able to discuss dying with our family and loved ones?  If not, why not?  If we knew that we would die tomorrow, are we prepared?  Might addressing our fears about death, help us live a more mindful, appreciative life?  These are the types of questions we’ll discuss.

    This forum grew out of our experience with a Death Cafe format -- one that doesn't include having specific topics, set questions or guest speakers.  Instead we found, in addition to open discussion, we had a desire to work on some practical planning projects including legacy work for ourselves and others, as well as an understanding of the Buddhist teachings on death and dying. 

    This month, in addition to our discussion, you are invited to share part of your written legacy.  This could be an obituary, a passage from a letter to a loved one, a cherished memory.

    Please register for this event on our website and we'll email the ZOOM link for this program on the day of the event.

    Shambhala Gainesville is sponsoring this event for the whole community, not just our membership. Everyone is welcome.

    This event is offered free of charge.  Donations are gratefully accepted.  Please click here.