Community Conversation - Caring for Each Other

with Irina Deffente Migliari & Jim Fladmark

September 26th

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    In this presentation, we will walk through the Code of Conduct Hub website and how to navigate it, as well as present a general introduction to the Code of Conduct policies & Code of Conduct Resolution Process. We will highlight the most important parts of each policy and its procedures.

    This presentation also includes a Q&A session; participants are welcome to send their questions in advance to Nina at [email protected]

    Participants are also encouraged to contemplate the "2 Page Document", The Code of Conduct—The 17 Practices of Good Conduct and the 8 Points of Protecting the Space for Everyone (click here for translations) before the event, as we will take a few minutes of the call to read them together, and comment. 

    Nina Migliari, Dorje Kasung Liaison for Shambhala Global Services, and Jim Fladmark, a member of the Shambhala Process Team Leadership and the Code of Conduct Support Group are the presenters for this event.  Our Shambhala Gainesville Director Jan Snyder will facilitate. 

    The session will be recorded for those who are unable to attend it. Other members from different regions are welcome to attend as well.

    Depending on COVID, we will not physically gather at the center if it is not advised at that time, but will gather online.

    ZOOM LINK:   Click here  to access the zoom link.