Saturday Night Live: Dharma (Online) Eight Steps for Racial Reconciliation

with Dr. K.A. Shakoor

November 13th

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SNL: Dharma is a monthly program wherein we invite a prominent teacher to address us on the dharma topic of their choice.  This month's topic is:  Your Life Matters Part 2- Eight steps for racial reconciliation.

Dr. Shakoor will discuss eight steps, or points, a person or community can follow to bring about racial harmony. This concept can be applied in all situations where the potential of conflict is eminent. The philosophical foundations of this talk is based in part from Buddhist psychology and the book Ghetto Sutras.
This program is online.  We will send the zoom link the day of the program.

Dr. K.A. Shakoor, DAOM, brings more than 50 years of experience to the AUM Institute through his extensive training in energetic and internal mind/body and holistic medical practices. His diverse teaching background of more than 40 years has brought him to instruct in public and private educational institutions, hospitals, mental health facilities, government and law enforcement agencies, private groups, clubs, and sports teams.

Dr. Shakoor is an active community health advocate and has coordinated health activities and summits across the United States. He has authored multiple books, including Ghetto Sutras and Maahaah Yoga, published by Jannah Press, as well as his soon-to-be released book The Treatment of the Shen in Relation to T.C.M. and Tibetan Medicine.

His passion for integrated energetic medicine as a tool for medical efficacy, as well as a tool for supporting health and wellness practitioners and care givers, drives the purpose of the AUM Institute for Energetic Medicine.

He is the director of the Gainesville Karma Kagyu Thegsum Choling Tibetan Meditation Center (where Lama Losang is the resident teacher and founder) and also president of the Mental Health Coalition of North Central Florida.