The GSMG offers a free weekly public meditation session and talks based on Buddhist and Shambhala teachings. (Newcomers welcome!) We meet every Tuesday from 7:00p.m.-9 p.m. (newcomers please come at 6:30 p.m. for instructions) for meditation, discussion and refreshments at our location:  1899 NE 23rd Ave, GainesvilleFL. Building closed due to COVID-19 until further notice.

Picture above is from the “Level IV” class that was held the weekend of January 20-21, 2018.

Introduction to the Year-Long Hinayana Course (ONLINE)

September 24th

On October 1, 2020, we begin offering the first course of a 5-part series on the Hinayana teachings. This is virtually Buddhism 101 as taught by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Meet the facilitators and watch some short videos about the year-long course. Continue »

Harvest of Peace Gathering - IN PERSON!

September 26th

Bring your chairs and your masks and let's gather on Saturday morning for a lhasang, refreshments and conversation. Continue »

Foundations for Freedom: the Hinayana - Course I The First Noble Truth (ONLINE)

October 1st—November 5th

In this first course, Acharya Susan Chapman and Acharya Fleet Maull will guide an exploration of the nature of suffering from the perspective of the Four Marks of Existence--Impermanence (anicca), Suffering (dukkha), Selflessness (anatta) and Nirvana/Peac Continue »

Joy in Everyday Life (JIEL) ONLINE

with Dr. Jan Snyder & Dr. Jessica Gurvit

October 12th—November 9th

Explore compassion, joyous discipline, and healthy energy. Buddhist teachings on aspiring and loving action are presented. Continue »

Open Sky: Shambhala Training Level V (ONLINE)

with Shastri Bill Brauer & Paula Bickford

October 17th—October 18th

Communicating with the world gently and fearlessly, our awareness is sharpened and we find the open clear sky of mind—a delightful source of wisdom and uplifted energy. We trust our nature enough to let go into the present moment. Continue »

Annual Community Meeting and Holiday Celebration

December 6th

Please plan to attend our yearly community meeting and holiday party. Continue »

Daring Greatly

with Eloise Kay

January 23rd—January 24th (2021)

How do we put the Shambhala principles of basic goodness, fearlessness, self compassion and vulnerability into practice on the spot, in our everyday lives off the cushion? How do we get behind the masks and armor we use to protect ourselves? The research Continue »