The GSMG offers a free weekly public meditation session and talks based on Buddhist and Shambhala teachings. (Newcomers welcome!) We meet every Tuesday from 7:00p.m.-9 p.m. (newcomers please come at 6:30 p.m. for instructions) for meditation, discussion and refreshments at our location:  1899 NE 23rd Ave, GainesvilleFL. Building closed due to COVID-19 until further notice.

Picture above is from the “Level IV” class that was held the weekend of January 20-21, 2018.

Annual Community Meeting (ONLINE)

December 6th

Please plan to attend our yearly community meeting and holiday party. Continue »

Fearlessness in Everyday Life (FIEL) ONLINE

with Dr. Jan Snyder

December 7th—January 4th (2021)

Fear is rampant in our world. On a societal level, we experience uncertainty about the future of our civilization and our planet. On a personal level, fear can manifest as anything from a nagging sense of self-doubt to a static background of anxiety. Thi Continue »

Ecology of the Heart (Saturday Night Live: Dharma) ONLINE

with Nicholas Kranz

December 12th

Buddhist teachings have pointed for millennia to our deep connection and interdependence with everything in the biosphere. Having arrived at this critical moment together, how can we rise to the challenges before us without burning out or falling into eco Continue »

Death & Dying Forum (ONLINE)

with Nora Wiser

December 16th

If we knew that we would die tomorrow, are we prepared? Might addressing our fears about death, help us live a more mindful, appreciative life? Continue »

49th Day Ceremony for Harold McKnight (ONLINE)

December 19th

Forty-nine days is traditionally regarded as the duration of the transitional state after death, the three bardos of death, isness, and becoming. We will hold a brief ceremony online to mark the conclusion of the bardo experience.  Continue »

Shambhala Durham: Winter Weekthun: Cultivating Clarity and Compassion (ONLINE)

December 26th—January 1st (2021)

oin Shambhala Durham for a weeklong online meditation retreat taught by Sasha Loring, Rhea Colmar, and Tom Wroth. This program will include guided meditation practice, dharma talks, discussion groups, and meditation instruction. The program is appropriate Continue »

New Year's Gathering (IN PERSON)

January 3rd (2021)

We'll come together to bid good-bye to 2020 and embrace the possibilities of 2021 as we practice safe distancing in our beautiful back yard. Continue »

Foundations for Freedom - the Hinayana - Course II: The 2nd Noble Truth, the Origins of Suffering (ONLINE)

January 7th—April 1st (2021)

Having recognized the truth of suffering and the confusion that is pervasive in our life, we naturally have questions. How does this state of suffering arise?  Where does confusion come from? In this in-depth exploration of the Five Skandhas, we will touc Continue »

Southeast Regional Shambhala Weekend Retreat Level I - The Art of Being Human (ONLINE)

with Shastri Gayle Van Gils

January 16th—January 17th (2021)

OPEN TO ALL! This is the first in a sequence of Shambhala Weekend Retreats suitable for anyone interested in exploring meditation as a means to develop fearlessness, confidence, openness, and gentleness toward ourselves and our world Continue »

Your Life Matters with Dr. K.A. Shakoor

February 6th—March 6th (2021)

Welcome to Your Life Matters, a series of talks on anti-racism and Buddhist teachings by Dr. K. A. Shakoor. Continue »

Daring Greatly

with Eloise Kay

January 22nd—January 23rd (2022)

How do we put the Shambhala principles of basic goodness, fearlessness, self compassion and vulnerability into practice on the spot, in our everyday lives off the cushion? How do we get behind the masks and armor we use to protect ourselves? The research Continue »