Refuge Vow Ceremony

with Acharya Eric Spiegel

October 1st (2018)

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With the Refuge Vow, we make a commitment to the path of sanity in our own lives.

By taking the RefugeVow we commit ourselves to freedom…There is a general tendency to be involved in all kind of fascinations and delusions, and nothing very much ever takes root in one’s basic being.  Everything in one’s life experience, concerning spirituality or anything else, is purely a matter of shopping…. We have allegiance to “that” and allegiance to “this.” There are hundreds and millions of choices involved in our lives—particularly in regard to our sense of discipline, our ethics and our spiritual path. People are very confused in the chaotic world about what is really the right thing to do.  There are all kinds of rationales, taken from all kinds of traditions and philosophies.  We may try to combine all of them together; sometimes they work together harmoniously.  But we are constant shopping and that is actually the basic problem….

By taking this particular vow, we end our shopping in the spiritual supermarket. We decide to stick to a particular brand for the rest of our lives…. Once we take this step, we have no alternatives; there is no longer the entertainment of indulging in so-called freedom.  We take a definite vow to enter a discipline of choicelessness—which saves us a lot of money, a lot of energy, and lots and lots of superfluous thinking. – Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Following the Rigden Weekend on September 28-30, 2018, Acharya Spiegel will offer the Refuge and Boddhisattva Vows on Monday, October 1st.  If you aspire to take one of these vows, here is some information which might be useful in preparation.

First, Acharya Spiegel has given a talk for each vow, which will be helpful to listen to in preparation for the weekend, including the Q&A.  Please listen to this talk for the Refuge Vow: 


Second, Acharya Spiegel has provided additional instructions.  He asks that you read and study the Refuge Vow Sourcebook(65pp softcover, $22).

You may order it from Kalapa Media, Samadi Cushions, or Amazon.

Here's the link from Kalapa Media:

 …and from Amazon!:

He further asks that you continue your practice in the remaining time leading up to the date you take the vow. This will really help the vow to have genuine meaning. We are taking these vows in order to set something firmly in our mind stream.  On one hand we are all doing the best we can; at the same time if we create the proper ground the seeds will have the best support to take root and be strong.

The morning session will include practice, interviews and teaching.  Following a lunch break, there will be vow orientation followed first by the bodhisattva vow (a ceremony open only to those who have taken this vow) and then the refuge vow (a ceremony open to all, including guests). The day will conclude with a reception.